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MA  in Middle Eastern Studies is open to all prospective applicants  who meet the above-mentioned requirements. Students holding a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, History and Theology are particularly encouraged to apply for the program.

As in our PhD program, MA courses are taught in Turkish, English and Arabic. This  program aims to gather students from different backgrounds with a keen  interest in the Middle East.

The duration  of the program is two academic  years, consisting of  four semesters. In the first two semesters students take taught courses and they complete a dissertation in the second year. If needed, students can be given one year (two semesters) extension.

Students can select from courses taught in Turkish, English and Arabic. We need at  least three students to open any of the courses .

Students have to take 8 courses (24 credits in total) at least in  two different languages before they can start writing a dissertation on a chosen topic. Students can take  a maximum of 5 of 8 courses in one language.

Course Struct.&ECTS Credits