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Rules and Regulations

          Re - Registration

  1. All of academic terms which students have had without considering on whether they reregister since they get first registration to the postgraduate program are accepted as maximum study period.
  2. Students have to pay contribution and/or tuition fee in the event that study period is timed out on the program which they register on dates that are designated  on the academic calendar for each year. All of students who will reregister have to do registration process on course /specialty/ seminar course, thesis/ project course on dates which are designated on the academic calendar.
  3.    Students on the programs of  graduate program with thesis, doctorate and proficiency in art have to be successful on courses with total 66 ECTS  with Specialty and Seminar Courses, besides of being successful in course of minimum "48" ECTS  which is compulsory and elective and foreseen by The Directorship of Institute Department in order to  pass the process of thesis/proficiency.
  4. Students can register in courses from other Departments within the Institute that they are registered:

at Middle East Institute:

*Students of graduate program with thesis can register in courses on other graduate programs on condition with getting minimum "5" courses from the program that they are registered in the graduate program with thesis (except specialty and seminar course).

* Doctoral students can register in courses of graduate program on condition with getting minimum "5" and minimum "6" doctoral courses in total from the program that they are registered during course terms (except specialty and seminar course).            

* Students have to take minimum 3 of 8 courses in different language which they have to take during the study term. Students can not take the course with same name in different languages.       

* Students have to take language courses of Arabic and Persian which are not accepted from ECTS credit burden and are not added into the average in order to pass to the step of thesis. 

* Students who are not successful in these language courses can not pass the steps of thesis in graduate program and proficiency in doctorate program.          

  1.  Advisor verifies courses that the student selects in the period which is given to him/her. If necessary, he/she can suggest to the student to change cources which are chosen.               
  2. If advisor does not verify the verification procedure in the time which is given to him/her, Courses which students choose become definite automatically.   
  3. If students have got common advisors , they get the specialty course from first advisor.
  4. Excuse application of students who do not reregister in the program is taken in the definite process which is designated in the academic calendar. Application of students that they document their private reasons which are health, natural disaster, imprisonment, sentence and which would be accepted by IEB is assessed by IEB. Applications out of the process are not accepted in the assessment.
  5. Students who do not reregister in the program can not get benefit from the rights of students during the term that they do not reregister and the term when they do not register is accepted from the study process.
  6. Reregistration procedures of graduate and doctorate programs' students on the process of thesis are made as they are recorded in " The Course of Specialty" in the process of registration on the academic calendar.
  7. Students who do not reregister in the program can not attend in exams of proficiency, thesis proposal, thesis  follow-up  on terms that they do not reregister in the program and they can not deliver their thesis at the end of term.
  8. Students who reregister in the program but do not do thesis proposal and follow-up exams are accepted  as unsuccessful in the relevant term.             

 Review ,Disenrollment in Courses and Objection to Exam Points        

1-Students; have to repeat "compulsory" course and courses that they are failed. Instead of "elective" course or courses that they are failed, they can registere in the same course or another course with the verification of advisor as to complete their credits in the next half term.

2-Students who take more courses than the foreseen credit for the graduation can demand to disenroll in the course without considering students' successful/failure.

3-Student can object to the result of any courses to the directorship of institution in written in the late "7 days" since the date that the result is announced. The relevant lecturer evaluates the exam documents which is objected in the late "7 days" from its notification to him/her as he/she reviews them and   he/she informs the result with the documents in written to the directorship of institution. If the lecturer finds a mistake in fact at the end of review , the change in point is done by the decision of IEB.  That student objects to the result again occurs with his/her application to UEB in written in "7" days from the declaration of IEB' decision.             

" Thesis Literary Language of Graduate Programs/ Broadcast Condition for Graduate Program and Broadcast Condition for Doctorate and Proficiency in Art "   

  1. Thesis Literary Language of Graduate Programs: As graduatees are to write in another language except Turkish;

1-If student will write his/her thesis in another language except his/her native language , he/she has to have an equalled point from YDS (Higher Education  Language Exam) that they document that they have got minimum 80 points from the language, or from an exam which its validity is accepted by YÖK (Council of Higher Education). But the foreign language certification is not demanded if the student completes his/her undergraduate or graduate education (which must be from relevant area with his/her Master/Ph.D. programme) in the language which he/she will write his/her thesis in it.               

2-Advisor and lecturer who will have duty on the committee of thesis follow-up and on the jury of thesis defense has to get an equalled point from YDS that they document that they get minimum 80 points from that language , or from an exam which its validity is accepted by YÖK.  But foreign language certification is not demanded if lecturer completes his/her undergraduate or graduate training in the language of thesis.

3-Turkish bstract should be written in thesis.         

  1. Broadcast condition for graduate /doctorate programs and proficiency in art: with the purpose of  to promote students' publication in national and international areas and giving opportunity to them to disccuss, increasing publication number of university , raising quality and inciting to do publication;     

1- As students can deliver graduate program thesis to the institute , since the date to start in the study of graduate program;            

* The publication of a notice in the form of minimum one article and/or full-article on the relevant department ( congress, conference, symposium) is to be done or the number of DOI ( Digital Object Identifier). 

*  The publication condition is not needed in the case of completing thesis related to the application by external stakeholder contribution in all institutes.           

2- As students can deliver their doctorate thesis to the institute; 

*Taking the least one indexed publication in the field ( SCI, SCI-Expanded, SSCI, AHCI)  in Middle East Institute or getting a duty on the least accepted one foreign-sourced project.              

* The University Senate will determine on what are foreign-sourced projects.     

* IEB's directorship might apply different publication conditions as to provide this maximum conditions. 

  1. Student who does not meet the publication condition can not deliver his/her thesis.        
  2. In publications, the name of Sakarya University must be mentioned in advisor and student's address section.